Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Kadee

Looking back it does not seem like it has been two years. This face has not changed much especially when she is throwing a fit which happens quite a bit.

She is so much fun, and such a BIG help. Hailey and her have so much fun together when I have school my mom brings Hailey to play. Thanks goodness for awesome family.

Kadee and Hailey playing after going down the slide at Jumpin Jacks.
Kadee picking the candies off her Jungle cake that her grandma Crosland made.
Kenya, Hailey, Kadee and Tali playing on the slides.
I am TWO! Kadee I hope you have a great birthday mommy and daddy love you and are so blessed to have you in our life. Let me I am a HUGE believer in the 3 day potty training Kadee has done awesome both day and night we are on day two and have not had any accidents since noon yesterday... What a BIG girl.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Daddy Hard At Work!

I hope John does not kill me for putting these pictures on here, but this was the best Christmas gift a firefighter could have gotten.. He loves fires and has not had a good one in his area for some time. It is amazing to me to listen to him on the phone talk about his calls let alone a good fire. So here are some pictures of his Christmas gift I am sure he will not forget.


Kadee hanging out in Fillmore with Grandpa, she has so much fun outside in the snow.
Kadee loves her new little RIDE!
Yes they are spoiled, Kadee is becoming the little cook of the family. She loves are the little noises her kitchen makes. It was great gift santa.
Sydnee is super excited for Christmas she just open her new P.J. and is ready for bed.
Kadee opening her Christmas Eve gift.
I know I am a little behind and really don't have a good excuse other than I love playing with the girls. Wait I did spend two weeks during Christmas break working on my last case study for school, what a pain in the ***. We had a great holiday here are some pictures of Christmas.