Monday, October 13, 2008

Grandma's House!

Over the weekend we went to my parents in Fillmore to visit. It is so much fun to see my family. We took Kadee's pumpkin that she grew in the garden to let her carve it. On Friday all the cousins went to uncle Shane and aunt Kristy's for a Halloween party Kadee hated her costume hopefully she likes it more on Halloween.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Life Lately

I am sure for those who read our blog this may come as a surprise and to some it will not. After many weeks of meeting with my counselor she put me up to a little challenge and that was coming face to face with my depression. She wanted me to write to someone what life was like before, and how life is now. I really struggle with doing this but after much thought blogging it was going to be my way of sharing. Many of you have wonder where my blogging has been and this may shed some light.

Ever since I had Kadee in January life has been different, being a mom has been so much fun and I have enjoyed having Kadee part of my life. Thoughts in my head have been crazy and it was what I thought came with being a mom. After months of keeping everything in side I lost it one night at work. It was like having a huge zit that just kept getting bigger and bigger and all the sudden it broke. I began the process of getting help, because the life I new was not how life was suppose to be. In my head my baby had died many times I had planned her funeral to a T. That was life. I had not even told my husband of what was going on for fear I would be put in some type of institution which was something I did not want. I was afraid of losing Kadee. After some time away from work and with the help of meds and a great counselor I am the mom I have always wanted to be, and life is the way I was hoping it to be.

I have the best husband and family anyone could ever have. I love them so much. I have returned to work and life is getting back to how it should be. I look forward to the weekend away and visiting my family in Fillmore. Thanks babe for everything I love you!