Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A little update!

Ok I know it has been a while but it is crazy how busy life gets we are all alive and doing well. Kadee just turned "3" I will try and put some pictures up we just did a little party she got a new big girl bike with the perfect spot for taking her baby for rides. I hope that everyone had a great holiday seasons I know it is way past, and if you kids are anything like ours we can't wait for warmer weather the kids are tired of being inside...

The finished product! Kadee and her daddy made a snow man with all the fun snow we have had this winter.

Playing at Grandma Croslands' house or as Kadee calls her Grandma MICKEY.

We are lucky to have family so close Johns' mom and his sister that lives in Cali came and stayed with the girls for Christmas Eve. Christmas morning when we got off work we let the kids open presents, and the red bags to see what Santa had left for them. Sydnee was really into opening presents this year.

The girls and there new babies!

Christmas Eve came a little early at our house since we both worked this year.. They opened PJ's. Sydnee saying "CHEESE" she has the cutest dimple...
Here they are two cute girls in the new PJ's.

I loved our new tree this year!! I am pretty sure John loved not hiking in the hills to find one either!

We have so much fun tubing we bought a new tube this year, which the girls love sometime I think that the cold does not even faze them. As Kadee just yells faster and faster and never wants to come inside. We had fun tubing at the Ski Eagle Point Resort the end of January, Kadee hated it! I will admit it was fast really fast and is the longest tubing hill in Utah.

John and I took the girls down to Temple square this year Kadee loved seeing all the lights and it really wasn't to cold either. The girls love looking at lights, almost every night before I would go to work we would take a short drive around the neighborhood to look at lights Kadee loved the house that had music.

This year we won our neighborhood Christmas lighting contest! This was our prize! I really would have love a month of no HOA fee that would have been awesome but this works. We keep it tell next year then pass it on the the winners.

This year we where the lucky hosts of my family Christmas party it is always so fun to get with family especially now that we all have little kids they love playing with each other. We played games, ate good food, had a special visitor , and most fun at least for Kadee was going to see the REINDEER this little farm is close by our house and we made many trips their this season with our kids. They love it!!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

San Diego Fun!

The first of October we took the girls to San Diego for a much needed vacation. It was pretty entertaining from the flight their to the flight home. I think we all had a great time the girls favorite thing was the beach and of course it is the one thing we have no picture of.. So here are a bunch a pictures of our little adventure. The next one will be someone that has a vacation with baby sitter. I am now ready for a vacation without the kids.

This was the petting area that they had.
The kids area at the zoo was great the girls had fun just doing their thing.

Super excited to be at the zoo! We are getting on the bus to take a tour of the zoo! Our zoo in Salt Lake cannot even compare..
This was the kids pool area at the place we stayed.

We bought little fishes to feed the Sea Lions and Kadee did not like how loud their got it was crazy..

Waiting at the Dolphin show..

Sydnee she tried eating the star fish.
Holding the star fish she was super brave.
Kadee waiting to pet the dolphins.
Sydnee after a long cold wet day at Lego Land.
Standing by mini Lego World this was San Fran
Check out the fire dog and firefighter all made out of lego's

Sydnee on the other hand having a blast..
Kadee and her typical face riding the train.

This was call the fairy tale ride you got on a little boat that took you around the river where all the stories are told the three little pigs was our favorite.

LEGO LAND! This place was a blast the kids really had lots of fun. The Zebra that you can see is made completely out of lego's