Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just a little update!

It has been a little while since I have done much with our family blog, live is busy one day I will hopefully not be reading med surg books and trying to study for midterms. It is getting close to being done I have a semester and a half left.
For the fourth John had to work so Kadee and I traveled to the big town of Fillmore to hang out with the family. It is always fun to go to grandma's house. Kadee rode her buggy with her cousins in the kids parade she was not a big fan, but it was really hot!

Sadie, Kadee, Hailey, Luke and Crozly walking down the parade route!

Kadee in her new dress that grandma made for the girls for the big day she just needs to finish brushing her pretty teeth and then it is off to the parade!!!

After the parade the kids needed to cool off Kadee and Hailey love to swim they are little fishes. Later that night we went to the fireworks and Fillmore did a pretty good job for being such a small place Kadee loved them maybe one of these years our daddy will be able to spend the Fourth with us, he has worked every Fourth of July since we have been married.

We took Kadee to Seven Peaks last week with the Harris family the kids had a blast playing in the water and going down the slides. Kadee loves the water she is such a big girl she just finished her two week swimming lessons that was a little bit of a joke but she could care less as long as she was in the water and splashing... Yes everything is still on track for a September baby, I am starting to get things ready I am hoping that I can make it through finals first and then have a baby but we will see how things go. Kadee is excited for a little sister or at least she wants to play with all of the her things so we will just be waiting for little miss Sydnee to make her appearance.