Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kids Kids Kids

Sydnee is such a good baby, most of the time. I am going to miss being home so much with the two girls seems how my maternity leave is over and I will be going back to work on Sunday. Oh, well its really only one day a week, but still it has been fun hanging out with these two crazy girls.
KODA and KADEE are best buds they are just chillin. Kadee is hoping that he will take her for a ride. The other day she had doing his hair. She had the hair spray, a comb, and her bows. He was just laying there taking the abuse, and for Kadee she was having a blast.
Here is my big girl she is growing up so fast..

I never thought that having two girls could be so much work, and fun at the same time. Kadee has been quite the stinker lately I can't wait tell she is two, to see what kind of trouble she will get in. Last night I found Koda and her on my bed with the can of baby formula. The two of them had dumped the hole can all over the bed. It was a disaster, Koda was licking as fast as he could while Kadee was throwing the powder all over the dog. Just picture a black lab, now a yellow lab and frothy formula all over his mouth.. I would have taken a picture, BUT I was so mad I could have killed both of them. I was a giant pain the clean up. These two you can never leave alone...

We put up our Christmas Tree a few weeks ago I know it was early but I love Christmas. Kadee had fun putting the decorations on the tree.