Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting BIG!

I cannot believe that Kadee is growing up so fast. The last week we have started her with baby food and she loves it, she just wishes I would give her the spoon and let her go to town. Her favorite fruit is a toss up between applesauce and bananas. Her vegetable choice is sweet potatoes, or peas. Not my favorite by any means they stink. The picture of Kadee & her dad is one of my favorite she is learning how to drink out of a cup. She thought it was so funny when the ice hit her lip she would freak out.

Monday, July 14, 2008


This last weekend we went camping with my family it was a lot of fun. Sometimes it was like a zoo we have so many little babies in our family right now that if one was crying they all were crying. We killed a rattle snake and then the kids skinned it and cooked it up and ate it, they said it was good. I was not going to try it though. Here are some fun pictures from our weekend.

Seven Peaks!

Earlier this week we went to Seven Peaks with our families it was really fun and the kids had a blast. The water was warm and Kadee thought that it was just a giant bath tub.

Fun for the Fourth!

Kadee and mom decided to have fun on the 4th even though daddy had to work. We really miss our daddy when he is gone, but we try and have fun. This year we went to John sisters house and had a BBQ and played in the swimming pool. Kadee did much better this time then she did a week ago at my parents. This is a picture of Kadee and her cousins.